Store Wayfinding Signage

When the customer walks into a store, there are so many signs, displays and visuals that compete for their attention. Aisle signs, generally hung above the gondolas and endcaps, are the roadmap for the customer to find their desired product.

We live in a world where people desire a retail environment that makes them comfortable, makes them want to stay and shop. There are times, where someone wants a specific item and all it takes is for them to look up at clearly visible, properly detailed aisle directories, and they can find what they are looking for with ease. Whether you need interior wayfinding signage for a big box store, or a small, specialized retail location, Pratt is here to help. 

What makes a great aisle directory design? 

Walking through a store, trying to locate a specific item, can be frustrating. We have all been there. You just need that box of pasta, a can of paint, or maybe a jug of wiper fluid. You might be in a hurry. It can be so frustrating to be wandering the aisles, unable to locate the needed item, especially if there is not a staff member nearby to help you to the correct spot. That is where navigational graphics make the difference.  

A great design will help you quickly locate your items and be on your way. The aisle markers will blend in with the store environment seamlessly. It does not just end with the directory hanging above you. A great design will not only get you to the aisle but will continue to the specific location in that aisle with secondary signage. Whether that be an aisle violator, a gondola topper, or another form of signage, you want the customer guided all the way to the location. 

Things to consider when designing an aisle directory?

Tying the signage to the store environment is important, but you also want to consider who your clientele is. Do you want to use words only on your aisle graphics or would you like to incorporate icons and/or imagery? Do you want to utilize bi-lingual text? How many sides do you want? Don’t forget about the ability to change product callouts. If you move product, do you want a directory that allows a store associate to easily swap out titles? What colors do you want to use? Some clients will utilize different colors to help distinguish different departments. How legible is the text? You will want to make sure that the customer can read the graphics from far away. These can be very simple, or very elaborate systems. The end goal, however, is the same regardless of your type of store and what product you offer. You want the customer to be able to easily locate the goods they are looking for.

What to look for in an aisle directory designer?

You want a design team that listens to you and understands your needs. You want a team that knows substrates and how to manufacturer your system efficiently. You want a team with years of experience in the retail space. Pratt not only has a team that offers just that, we can integrate the design with the manufacturing to ensure you are getting great design and beautiful product in the most cost-effective manner.

What else can Pratt do to help you reach your aisle directory goals?

Is this new construction or a remodel? Whether you have 1 location or 5,000, Pratt can help. We are experts at rollouts. Pratt has the expertise to deliver. We have an extensive network of professional installers across North America. We work within spaces open to the public as well as locations under construction, so we are able to work safely and efficiently in any environment. We can take your vision and turn it into reality.

Case Study

Pratt was approached by Fruitful Yield, a health and wellness grocery store chain out of the Chicago area. They were looking to incorporate an aisle directory system into their stores. This was a new concept for them, and we were working with a blank slate. The Pratt team came up with a system that utilized magnetic units that were very easy to use by store associates. All titles were produced on a lightweight magnetic receptive material that could be moved around with ease and was very cost effective. Our development group designed a hardware solution for not only the endcaps, but also in-line. We worked closely with the client to develop a library of titles they would need. The final product looked amazing and the client came away with a very easy to navigate store with graphics that fit the look and feel of the location extremely well. To see more about this project, please click on the link below.

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