Retail Graphic Print & Manufacturing

From production to management, Pratt Visual Solutions specializes in 3D structural graphics, POP, and monthly graphics kits. Being a part of the Vomela network allows us to be a powerful graphics provider, with an unrivaled knowledge of materials and processes in the industry.

Point of Purchase Graphics

We help your customers make educated buying decisions at the Point of Sale. Pratt Visual Solutions can handle these programs of any size and quantity.

In-Line & End Cap Displays

Designing and manufacturing captivating end cap systems, that provide both impact and flexibility are our specialty. Eye-catching, clean, crisp in-line graphics displays help educate and amplify the retailers brand and services.

Structural Graphic Fabrication

Pratt Visual Solutions unique expertise in all types of 3D graphic elements help our retailers to take key initiatives to the next level. Impactful structural graphics of all kinds can make any program or department stand out.

Large Scale Packouts

We break down retail stores and customize the graphics we ship with unparalleled efficiency. Location, store sizes, ceiling heights, and anything else that makes your store unique, are taken into consideration.


Pratt Visual Solutions is an integral part of a print powerhouse team, known as The Vomela Companies. Each of our companies adds value to the group—providing specialized expertise and an intimate understanding of various materials and processes. With more than 20 interconnected locations across the continent, clients can leverage the expertise of one—or all—of our specialized providers.