Engage Customers with Retail Décor 

Today, customers desire a more engaging store environment. It’s not just the best value in pricing or product, but a heightened shopping experience, and that starts with impactful décor. Retail signage has many applications. Within your retail environment, you can hang graphics, mount them to fixtures, place them on the floor, or create stand-alone signage displays. The possibilities are endless.

What makes a great retail store design? 

When you think about the departments within your space, how do you want to engage with your customer? Do you want to help them easily navigate your store? Are you looking to motivate them to purchase? Do you want them to feel at home? Do you want to reinforce your brand? A great store design not only incorporates the product you are offering to the customer, but it draws them into the space and evokes positive emotions with them. When the customer leaves, you not only want them to leave with a purchase, but an experience they will remember. This greatly improves the chance of return business.

Things to consider when designing your retail space?

How much of the store do you want to redesign? Is it the entire store, a department, or maybe just a few small areas? When you change an area, you want to make sure it continues to flow with the rest of the footprint. Is your new design focused on a product line, easing navigation, or updating your corporate look? No matter what your goal is, Pratt has the capability to help you bring your vision to life.

What to look for in a retail store décor designer?

Once you have decided what your vision is for your new design, working with a team that views you as a partner is imperative. Pratt has a team dedicated to taking your project from concept to completion. Our design team works closely with production and installation so that no stone is left unturned. We will ensure that a design is able to be produced in the most cost-effective way possible, working with you to value engineer all designs to maximize the bang for your buck! In addition, the design group always makes sure that product is easily implemented by our install team. 

What else can Pratt do to help you reach your retail design goals?

With a full-service team, Pratt has the ability to handle every aspect of your project. Design? We’ve got it. Production? Not a problem. Distribution and installation? Absolutely! We would love the opportunity to work with you and welcome any questions you may have. We love a challenge! 

Case Study

A great example of how Pratt can work with you to update your current store space would be when CVS acquired Target’s pharmacies. There were 1672 pharmacies and they all needed to be converted to the CVS brand within 6 months. Multiple groups within Pratt worked closely with both CVS and Target to ensure we met the client’s expectations while not disrupting the in-store experience for customers. Click on the button below to access the full project case study. 

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