Make your windows work for you!

Windows are, in many cases, the first impression a customer gets of your space. Pratt Visual Solutions can work with your team to develop window graphics that are inviting and have the biggest impact on potential customers.

Window signs can be utilized in many ways to convey your message. Are you looking for window advertising for a monthly promotion or are you looking to brighten up the front of your location?

Below are some examples of the great window wraps showcasing the wonderful work you can expect from Pratt. We look forward to hearing from you!

What makes a great window design?

A great window design is eye-catching, attention grabbing, and representative of your brand. You want the window signage to draw the customer into your location.

Things to consider when designing a window?

There are so many factors to consider when coming up a with a solution for store front graphics. The first question you should ask yourself is what is the main purpose of the graphic? Are you only conveying a message to potential customers or is there a functional purpose, i.e. a need to obscure the checkout area that is sitting in front of a bank of windows from individuals outside the store? Do you want the graphic mounted on the outside of the glass (first surface) or inside (second surface)? Are you looking for a graphic that is opaque and blocks light from coming in or getting out, or allow light to pass through via perforated or clear material? How long do you want the graphics to last? Will these be temporary and or permanent?

What to look for in a window designer?

Pratt Visual Solutions has years of experience working with retailers to zero in on what they are looking for and integrate that message into beautiful, functional, and cost-effective graphics. Our creative design team can turn your ideas into exactly what you are looking for. You want someone who can then take that design and bring it to life. Because Pratt can take a project from the design phase all the way through install, we are able to provide you with a great product at a great price.

What else can Pratt do to help you reach your window design goals?

Pratt has a nationwide network of installers. We provide survey services that help to ensure not only that you receive the properly sized graphics, but also makes note of any interior and exterior obstructions that we would need to work around. If permitting is needed, we can work through those steps as well.

Case Study

To give you an idea of how Pratt works to bring a client’s project to life, below is a link to a project we worked with PetSmart on. PetSmart wanted to place full coverage window graphics on the storefronts of over 700 of their locations. Pratt worked with the client to map out a plan to complete this project within a 3-month window! Click on the button below to view the case study.

We’re here to help plan, produce and install your window design solutions.


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