End Cap Design

End caps are prime real estate within the retail setting. Pratt Visual Solutions will work with your team to design effective and unique end cap displays that capture the attention of customers and make the best use of the space available.

Graphics and signage highlight the products or services you want to promote. Great end cap design will draw consumers in and teach them about the product. Below are just some examples of our work with end cap signage and displays.

What makes a great end cap design? 

A great end cap design is not one that just looks good. It must represent the brand while showcasing the product and drawing the customer into the space.

Things to consider when designing an end cap? 

How does the end cap fit into the flow of the store? Do you want your end cap to focus solely on the product, or do you want it to also help guide your customer to product down the aisle as well? What substrates appeal to you? Do you have specific colors and branding in mind? Is the signage easily changed by store staff when the product changes?

What to look for in an end cap designer?

You want a design team that listens and understands your needs. You want a team with years of experience in retail space flow and product placement. Pratt not only has a team that offers just that, we can integrate the design with the manufacturing to ensure you are getting great design and beautiful product in the most cost-effective manner.

What else can Pratt do to reach your end cap goals?

Is this new construction or a remodel? Are you refreshing one end cap, implementing a reset for an entire department, or all end caps in a store? Whether you have 1 location or 5,000, Pratt can help. We are experts at rollouts. Be it yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly, Pratt has the expertise to deliver. We have an extensive network of professional installers across North America. We work within spaces open to the general public as well as locations under construction, so we are able to work safely and efficiently in any environment. We can take your vision and turn it into reality.

Case Study

Sometimes, a potential client wants to see an example of what we can bring to the table. Pratt is currently working with Lowe’s on a complete rebranding of their end caps and store environment. This is a large program spanning all 1,700+ locations across the nation. When complete all Lowe’s stores will have a new, streamlined, impactful end cap program. The end caps have user friendly channel systems that store associates can easily switch out promotions and signage. If you would like to read more about the program and how it impacts the customer experience, click on the below link to view the case study.

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