Retail Décor Products

Pratt Visual Solutions is an industry expert providing décor graphics solutions for national retailers. This includes interior wayfinding, shelf level signage, exterior branding, and everything in between. Our décor products are engineered to last between 5 to 7 years.

Wayfinding & Aisle Directories

Wayfinding and aisle directories are our specialty! We implement wayfinding systems for your entire store. We routinely manufacture category banners, front of store policy sign systems, and aisle directories. Our goal is to help our retailers navigate their stores efficiently.

Overhead Department Structures

Every department in your retail store can stand out with Pratt Visual Solutions portfolio of departmental structures and graphics. Additionally, we can design changeable sign systems to display key services offered.

Permanent Window Graphics

Window graphics to help brand your retail location from the outside are integral parts of Pratt Visual Solution’s décor portfolio. We use vinyl, styrene, and other substrates engineered to last between 5 to 7 years.

Flagship Stores & Custom Solutions

Flagship, Exceptional, and Atypical stores are our forte! Our retail customers count on Pratt Visual Solutions to deliver unique products that make these stores truly special.


Pratt Visual Solutions is an integral part of a print powerhouse team, known as The Vomela Companies. Each of our companies adds value to the group—providing specialized expertise and an intimate understanding of various materials and processes. With more than 20 interconnected locations across the continent, clients can leverage the expertise of one—or all—of our specialized providers.