The Challenge

When PetSmart decided to outfit half of their 1,500 North American stores with window graphics, they knew they needed a print partner with experience in large project rollouts and a commitment to quality. PetSmart tapped into the capabilities of Pratt Visual Solutions, part of The Vomela Companies network, to provide support ranging from initial project management to final installation.

While every project comes with its challenges, the team literally had to weather the storms. Three separate hurricanes battered the coastal United States during the rollout period, creating difficulties throughout the project management and installation processes. Additionally, each of the 721 stores had unique dimensions and installation requirements.

The Process

The Vomela team hit the ground running as soon as PetSmart’s art entered the building. Survey crews took measurements of each location and passed the specifications along to The Vomela Companies’ internal design team. Our designers edited the art according to the location requirements and sent the files along to the pre-press squad, who optimized everything for the production floor and then sent it to print. To speed production and reduce shipping costs, four different network locations – Pratt, Vomela West, Vomela, and Vomela Transportation Group helped bring this project to life. The finished window graphics were then shipped for installation nationwide.

Project managers worked with PetSmart to make sure they had real-time access to deadlines, budgets, material specifications, and anything else they needed. This transparency was a key aspect of creating a positive partnership.

The process is effective, but it’s not always simple. Our experts draw from decades of print experience to quickly and effectively solve problems at every step. Every day we rely on the institutional knowledge of team members throughout the network.

The Execution

Given the sheer volume of the PetSmart project, we relied on the production capabilities of multiple locations in our network. Quality is the name of the game at The Vomela Companies, and we make sure to provide a consistent product no matter the source.

To install the graphics, we tapped into professional installers across North America to keep up with a demanding deadline. In two months alone, we completed installations on 631 stores.

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