The Bright Idea

Lowe’s Canada stocks more than 440 light bulb options – encompassing an entire aisle of the store which can overwhelm shoppers by the sheer volume of options available to them. Lowe’s Canada partnered with Pratt Visual Solutions to assist in developing an interactive solution that would help educate shoppers about increasingly complex light bulb choices and guide them to select the right product for their needs.

The Solution

This led to a complete redesign of the light bulb aisle and creation of an iPad display to dramatically simplify the product selection process. Engaging visuals, digital signage, and interactive tablets come together to form ‘The Bright Idea’ Lighting Education Center – including a ‘Bright Idea’ software app that filters hundreds of products in 7 simple feature sets, turning a frustrating experience into a fun and simple one. To further enhance the shopper experience, the custom app was closely integrated with print graphics found in the light bulb product bays. Color-coded messaging on the shelf and in the iPad app, help shoppers find their recommended product quickly and easily.

The Benefit

Noteworthy Same-Store Sale Increase

The implementation of new custom app technology has created a holistic and integrated experience bringing together both the physical environment and digital space. Since launching ‘The Bright Idea’ Lighting Education Center, Lowe’s has reported seeing an improved shopper experience accompanied by more engagement within the light bulb category. As a result, with an increased trend in conversion from traditional bulbs toward newer technology products, Lowe’s has seen a noteworthy comparable same-store sale increase over the same period the previous year.


Educational and Guided Selection

– Products were reorganized by application for side-by-side comparison and to facilitate upsell to newer, more energy efficient options.

– Five-color wayfinding system clearly delineates bulb applications and guides shoppers quickly to subsets in the aisle.

– Bay One, converted to a dedicated education center, provides shoppers with a clear place to start their selection process.

– The project’s capstone is the integrated 32” monitor to attract shoppers to the education center and iPad display, featuring a custom iPad app.