Save time and money with magnetic signage. Retailers will find magnetic signs to be efficient and easy to use. Take a look at this great example we produced for Floor & Décor.

In search of a solution that would show off new or featured product to customers entering their stores, Floor & Décor approached Pratt Visual Solutions. The initial concept focused on a relatively sturdy unit that would hold a 5’x3’ graphic and would be shipped out to all 125 of their locations. 

After multiple meetings with the client, we were able to hone in on some of the key needs from the customer. They were looking for something that store associates could easily update as promotions changed. We chose to present the customer with a magnetic receptive option.

This large magnetic base sign could be left in place, allowing for a receptive overlay to be easily placed over it. After producing a prototype, they were very happy with this concept. Not only is this easy to manage at the store level, but it is much more cost efficient for replacement orders, and the freight savings is significant. Being able to roll up a magnetic receptive graphic and ship it as a package instead of shipping a pallet to a store was a big win.

It is very rewarding to be able to work with a client to develop a solution that looks great, installs quickly to save time at the store level, and saves them money. If you are in need of a custom signage solution for your retail stores, contact us. We are ready to wow you every step of the way, from design to production and installation.