The Challenge

Taking In-Store Signage to the Max

OfficeMax wanted to improve its in-store signage to communicate the company’s wide variety of service offerings. Their visual merchandising team engaged The Vomela Companies, our parent company, to develop their vision of a ‘menu board’ that highlighted, at a glance, printing and copying services and its technical business solutions. This sign system needed to be permanent, with the flexibility for expanded service offerings, updated pricing, and promotions.

The Solution

Our solution-minded development team designed and engineered a prototype of a two-sided metal frame, with partitions to house a series of modular signs. Once the prototype was tested, refined and approved, we were awarded a nationwide rollout for 830 OfficeMax stores – including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico – to be completed in a 10-week time frame. Among Pratt Visual Solutions, two other Vomela facilities shared in the print manufacturing, assembly, and shipping to meet the fulfillment commitment of two crates of product to 100 stores each week.

The Benefit

The partnership between the OfficeMax team and all those involved at The Vomela Companies made this project and immense success. The menu board can be updated at store level and enables OfficeMax to intuitively showcase their services, resulting in an increase of sales in both the print and technology departments. Furthermore, by leveraging The Vomela Companies’ nationwide network – we met a condensed timeline while proving print, distribution and installation efficiencies including a 41% savings in shipping for the client!

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